Apple love

i picked up an AirPort Express (I named it Porty Potta... Porty for short.) today, even though im not really going to need it till apartment time. cant really use it here cause the desktop doesnt have a wireless adapter. but i just wanted to try it out. it is pretty cool to be able to play music and get online wirelessly (i dont know why the printing isnt working though)...although it's kinda silly cause when am i going to be somewhere that im not close enough to just run a wire to things? i guess thats not the point but still... it was pretty unnessicary now that i think of it..

also picked up a cable to connect things (Porty, PB, and Spandy) to my big stereo. I havent used it for years cause the cd player is busted, but now it doesnt matter cause i dont the cd player. or my cds really. gonna sell em all. at least now riley cant complain about my shitty speakers. = ) It's cool cause a lot of my music i have ive only listened to on shitty speakers so when it was hooked up to the big set it was like totally different. i use to not notice, but now i do...

and while im still in the mac geek mode new imacs are kinda weird. and expensive. i wish i wasn't such a sucker for apple's clever markting and sleek designs for overpriced products (that rock). I'm guess im just another shallow sheep... oh well.


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