interview piemonade*

le sigh. my throat has decided to be mean and hurt like a bitch. and ive got a canker sore or whatever they're called in the front of my mouth. so basicly it's no fun. its a good thing i don't have any big make out sessions planned for the next... couple of... years... or something... hmm.

anyways.. i had my interview with the daily today. it was pretty silly cause most of the stuff he asked me was stuff he already asked me about before. pretty simple questions really. but still after i left i was like "damn it. why didn't i say more?" when people ask me things i can usually answer with something, but its not until 5 minutes later that i can think of ways to elaborate. like when he asked about experience or what i think i'd get from it. i might not have a lot of newspaper type experience but ive done a bit of other stuff.... i also think its kinda funny that he says he started off in VCD too, but after working there he didnt want to do it anymore. so yeah, i dont think i'll know for a couple of weeks or something.. but ive got a feeling that im not going to get it. i dont really know what it is...just a feeling. but it would be really cool if i did. id be getting paid to make stuff on the computer, and maybe get burned out too. either way i'll be going back to calling for at least another couple of weeks.

*horray for new sb email.


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