so... i really dont like deviant art. i dont know what is about it, but i just dont like it. but after looking through some people's really pretty vector stuff on there i was lured in. i just signed up for an account because im getting lazy and it looks like it's gonna be the easiest way to post my drawings and stuff. i could just use flickr i suppose, but i sorta wanna keep that all photos. but yeah:


finally got around to doing that "childrens book" my dads friend sent me to illustrate for him... dont expect to see it at borders any time soon though.. its pretty dumb. so far the only new thing on there is the Pub Birdie thing. although i guess if you havent seen the other two things, they're new to you...

dont really know why i feel like posting my stuff. i guess i just like to share.

i feel like im caving in again.


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