ive been taking amoxocillin but my throat isn't getting better. well, the right side feels okay now but the left side has decided to pick up the slack. it's kinda weird cause it doesn't feel like sore throats usually feel. at least what i remember of them. it also feels a bit tight like under my jaw. im sure it's not really anything big cause it's only mildly annoying (but that might be cause im on pain killers). but i got online to look for some answers cause i wanna know what the deal is and the internet is good like that. i mean, yeah ive got a doctor living in my house but the internet is like having lots of doctors. one of the problems is none of the symptoms really fit quite right. i mean maybe a little from one thing and a little from another fits. the other problem is internet doctors tell you not only the common causes and effects but also the worst that could happen. sometimes knowing more isn't really very helpful... i wish it would just go away.


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