my cousin and her 3 year old daughter are here for the next couple of days. its weird cause when my cousin first met me she was about my age and i was about her daughter's age. she's a cute little kid.... all my siblings hate children. well... i guess my oldest sister doesn't anymore since she's got two of her own now....but i think kids are really funny and refreshing. when they're not being naughty, loud, and annoying of course. im no good with kids though... my mom has a weird ability to win the heart of any child within 5 minutes while most kids run away from me. im not really very good at that Lets Make Everything Fun And Exciting!!!! thing. luckily it doesn't really take much to entertain them though.

everyone's got little tykes now... i can't keep track of them all.

i guess i should start remembering to send them presents and things now that im all older and stuff, huh... I can't wait till they're all my age. it'll be so weird.


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