still more ranting.

apparently im really in the typing mood tonight.. i dont really know why. i kinow i write too much about nothing at all... i kind of wish i didn't. i kind of want to know what it'd be like to not have the constant urge to write things down and go over things in circles (i always seem to be about the same things).

whats it like to be indifferent about all the details? how do you stay sane?

i guess im doing it to make up for lack of communication*, but i suppose most people don't need to.

I probably shouldn't be writing this here. I should be writing things for my new zine that doesnt really exist yet (and maybe never will). I think online journals kinda ruin part of the appeal of zines for me. i dont really even know why i still have the urge to do another one. but another part of me doesn't know why i haven't done it yet.

i just now thought of a title for it though. "Trivial Pursuit". or something like that... although maybe something a little different (but the same) so that people dont think it's actually about the game, which ive never even played before.

my writing feels strange tonight.

hmm...I really do like that title though. kinda strange how i seem to need good titles before i can really do anything...

i'm not really use to this "blog" format, where things are shorter and more "topical" but i guess i kinda like it... I might end up cheating and taking some things from here and putting them into the zine, although it seems kinda pointless. once i hit "publish post" its published. why put it on paper too? the only people that would be remotely interested in the paper versions probably (?) read the online version... i dont know. maybe i just really like to do layouts. (i could have told the guy that was interviewing me today that i had experience in independent publishing...)

erg. okay. i guess thats enough/too much. anyways, at least this is one less thing to mull over when i cant fall asleep tonight..

*which is really all my fault so i guess i cant really complain... my friends call me and send emails. i just never remember to call or write them back. (i also dont like the phone. but i do like writing..so that doesnt make sense...) i don't even go on AIM very often anymore. i s'pose i should.

.....im sorry if im terrible at keeping in touch with you. i promise its not personal. im just no good at it.


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