ive been employminated!

Also, I totally got the ad design job at The Daily! apparently there are 3 others plus the manager and me on the ad design team, but i think im the only new addition cause he sent out an email to us with schedules and was like introducing me to the others.

my brother* says i'll probably hate it... im sure it's not like an amazing job but whatever. its supposedly a step in the right direction. who knows, maybe after this (plus my intro design classes) i'll get burned out too and end up doing something different.

it can't be much worse than my last job, right? i mean, everyone thinks telemarketing is like the most awful thing ever but it really wasn't bad. i actually kinda liked it and might kinda miss it. mainly because it was so laid back and everything. im not sure how well i'll do in an environment where im expected to actually do things with daily deadlines. honestly makes me a little bit nervous... but in a good and excited sort of way.

the initial schedule (im not sure if it applies for the whole quarter but i would assume so) theyve got worked out for me is also pretty nice.. total of 15 hrs a week i think, which is a good number. although my tuesdays and thursdays are gonna be a little crazy, cause i'll have to go to work before and after my sociology of sexuality class. ive never integrated a work schedule with a class schedule before so it'll be interesting. my mondays and wednesdays have a huge gap between class and work though so thats nice. plus no work on friday-sunday, although he warned me that sometimes (although its rare) i might have to stay later or come in on the weekend if they get near deadline on big issues or something, which i dont really have a problem with. it's not like ive got better things to do. also, according to this schedule i'll be done by 5 (like most normal people) so i'll be able to eat dinner! its kinda sad how happy that makes me, but i really do enjoy eating dinner at a reasonable hour. especially after my last job.

i should probably tell them im not gonna be coming in again, huh. i'll be starting the new job september 20th.

*of course he isn't exactly a real positive kinda guy to begin with.


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