bumbershoot today... we didn't really stay for any of the bands. i kinda wanted to see the pres. of the USA and death cab, but the lines were way too long. mostly just walking around and stuff. kinda typical fair-like stuff. seems like ive been to a lot of outdoor fair type things this year, they're starting to lose their magic i think. i might go back tomorrow if my bro can get me a press pass, but there isn't really anyone i really feel like seeing. pedro the lion might be a cool show, but it's kinda late. although i just found out the lashes are gonna be playing tomorrow and im kinda interested in that too, just cause i use to work with two of the band members. i think i missed all the arty stuff. i know its there, like the i heart rummage stuff but we didn't go by any of it. oh well. it wasn't quite as amazing as i hoped it was going to be although i guess it's also about as amazing as i expected. maybe its cause i didnt really get the full experience or something.

also, all you can eat japanese food for dinner, which is cool, even though i really only eat as much as i normally eat anyways, which isn't very much and really not that cost effective. but still cool to be able to eat lots of a la carte type sushi and not have to worry about racking up alot... but they didn't have any mochi ice cream and i'm still craving some. my bro brought his boss to dinner too and she was asking me about what i do and stuff, cause he told her i wanted to be an illustrator and she was all wanting to see some of my work sometime. i told her i dont really have very much. but i actually dont really have any... or at least nothing id really want to show her as samples cause i think my bro made me sound better than i am. i also dont really have much other than cartoons which aren't really even "my" style... i feel like i aught to do more stuff so maybe i can score some freelance work for them... but i just dont really know what to do. maybe i'll do that "children's book" my dad's friend wrote....

i also think i might be getting sick.


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