spot the difference

a few trivial changes. can you tell what they are?

I've added a new goal to my things-to-do-by-the-end-of-college list, design my own blog (and make it good). Cause really, if I'm going through all these design classes and can't even do my own blog, then what's the point? Sure, there's the whole trying to get a job with the degree thing... but having a nice blog is obviously much more important than employment.

Why don't we have Fight Club?

currently listening to/watching: Around the World . Daft Punk. Michel Gondry (I love him so much).


At 4/11/2005 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genki_Koneko: Heh, I was just listening to that song earlier today. *sniffles* I miss you Jayne!

At 4/14/2005 7:26 PM, Blogger yukino said...

Sadly, I often have the same dialog with myself about my own blog vs. work.


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