spring break tally

total number of...

cities: 5
photos taken: 124*
cute boys: 4**
museums: 2
nightclubs: 1***
beers: 0.3
ice cream: 6
hours at work: 9.5
hours in transit: 27 (at least)
nights slept in my own bed: 3
miles walked: too many to count
dollars spent: too afraid to count

*slide show of some of them here
**none of which I can make out with...damn.
*** Radio One night at The Cellar was really fantastic. DJ and live band playing nothing but my favorite music. Jamiroquai, Morcheeba, Blur, Fatboy Slim, Garbage, Franz Ferdinanz, Chemical Brothers, Coldplay etc... It was like they were playing from a playlist in my head.

currently listening to: Blur


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