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Turned in my Portfolio of Doom. I've done all I can and now it's officially out of my hands...spent the day hanging around the CMA waiting around and sorta working on signs. It makes me kinda sad that like they're all seniors and they'll all be gone this quarter or next. Not that I'll really be at the CMA ever after this quarter, but I dunno, I've grown fond of all of them. I think I've spent 75% of my art-making time there and only like 25% on design stuff. Kinda makes me wonder.

I think I sorta like building & creating things with my hands way more than making things on the computer. It's just nice to actually touch things. I was wearing the silver rings I made last summer today and marveling at the fact that I actually fabricated this thing on my finger. What was once a small piece of silver and a chunk of jade, was now a (poorly crafted) piece of adornment. Its too bad I have such poor craft when it comes to making stuff though. I think half of it is just laziness but I think the other half is an aesthetic thing. I just like stuff that doesn't look all polished and professional cause I like to see the marks of the person that made it. When things are so nice that I assume they were produced on a machine I sorta lose interest cause it just seems so.. impersonal.

I got a most fantastic package-from-a-stranger today. Not really a total stranger I guess, I've traded little zines and stuff with him before, but this thing is fucking amazing, especially because i didn't like pay for it or anything. I guess I'm just on his mailing list so he sent one to me. But I'll probably end up sending him something as well cause he basicly sent me a BOOK of his writing. It's 325 pages (8.5x11). Lovingly bound with screws and bolts. And a fancy plastic cover over the front. The title "Voices" written in blue glitter over a photo with a buch of real dried rose petals over the bottom. It's number 77 (one of my favorite numbers of all time) out of 101. I can't even imagine how long it must have taken to get 101 of these things together. I had a hard enough time with 40 copies of my measly zine. So yeah, that's really cool. I love that the coolest mail I ever get is always from people I've never actually met. So.. instead of studying for my dreaded CSE final, I think I'll read this. good plan, jayne.

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