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Apparently I'm going East for spring break. I hadn't really planned on it but I sort of just fancied the idea this afternoon and went ahead and bought tickets tonight. Gonna go visit Neal in Baltimore for a few days. We might take day trips to N.Y.C and D.C. too. I'm always sad that no one ever comes to visit me and always have dreams about people coming to visit. But of course I've never visited anyone either, so I figure I should just do it. I'm a little worried that it might be kinda weird spending several days with him after not seeing him for over a year. and since he's got himself a new lady friend I suppose I have to keep my hands off him now. damn. I'm really curious about MICA. It'll be interesting to see a real art school. But also somewhat intimidating... so many cool art school kids, while I am but a lowly art department kid.

I think im also still going to Vancouver for a few days with Enzo. But I dunno how that's working out yet.. cause i'd have to leave like right after I get back from Baltimore. That'll be kinda crazy.

I don't really know what I'd do at any of these places. If I was a drinker, I'd prolly get smashed in Vancouver. But I'm not, so maybe I'll just use the 19=drinking age thing to get into a dance club or something. I guess I'm just looking for a change in scenery. I know it never solves anything, but for some reason I always think it will. As if a different collection of buildings and foliage would make a difference. In the end I almost always just get homesick. Anyways, I think a vacation should be good for me. I haven't really gone anywhere for a while. I think my last trip was to Portland for the zine symposium last june... hmm. that doesn't seem right. I feel like I've gone other places too... but I guess not.

yeah, definately time for a "vay-cay."

it's been a good day.

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