I think I finally recentered my self or something. Probably has to do with the fact that I've slept and taken time out of the past few days to just chill out. reading the paper during lunch. reading adbusters (apparently we get a complimentary copy) at work during down times, reading the Utne, just sitting in the lounge listening to music. so yeah, I can actually stay focused on stuff now.

6 hours for sculpture yesterday. (I think I'm making decent progress, all the individual pieces are done. just gotta put them all together.) started (and finished!) the programming homework today, without getting pissed off. and so tomorrow I can spend focusing on my poster for design. and possibly going to see the animation show at some point cause it's one of the few things I'm really interested in seeing. yay for animation!

and hummus! I forgot how much I love hummus.

been thinking about trying an audiobook lately because I like stories and stuff. But I can never seem to find time when I don't need my hands and eyes for doing other things. They seem like such a lazy way to "read" but that sort of increases the appeal. I mean, if I spent like half the time that I spend listening to music(which is a lot) to listen to a book, imagine how much "reading" i could do! And then I can talk to people about books like I've read them and feel smart and cultured without having to do any work! = ) this is a fantastic idea.

hmm. these posts are getting pretty dull. whatever.

currently listening to: Kruder & Dorfmeister (which is one of the coolest names ever)


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