omg. The gender bender contest was so fantastic (and free!). i mean, it was cool last year, but this year was just SO GREAT! Really hot boys. Sexy sexy girls. Fun music. Psudo-onstage-hot-man-sex. and DANCING! At the end of the show the lights were down they gave everyone glow sticks, turned on some good music and EVERYONE just got up and danced. It was like in the movies where everyone break out into spontaneous singing and dancing. And then Riley and I danced our way home came home and threw our own little glowstick dance party. Glowsticks are SO AMAZING! I don't think I ever really had one before. But they're just SO bright! I don't understand how they work, but they're fabulous. I love dancing like an idiot.

currently listening to: Play that funky music, white boy!


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