load. explode.

I love KEXP . It is by far the coolest radio station ever, especially cause I can listen to it anywhere that I can get online as well, like if I'm working on stuff in the computer labs on campus. But they're really just cool cause the play so much stuff. Like the other night during the Wo-pop (world pop) show they played a Thai song! and it was actually pretty good! I don't think most people really notice how little we really hear from Thailand... but I've NEVER heard a Thai song on any radio station that wasn't in Thailand. There was lots of other cool stuff too, but the hearing the Thai song here made me so happy.

I am totally stressed about classes right now. We finally got our checks for sculpture. Now start and finish it by March 7th... *deep breath* I think it's doable if i can just get my materials by monday.

I am also totally jealous of all you art school kids and your huge apartments with ceiling to floor 11 ft windows. I have to put my chair out in the living room to make enough floor space for me to make my mess. And even then I've got about a 5x5 patch of carpet, though in a nice and useless L-shape.

I am in desperate need more space. I've been looking at studio spaces and apartments and stuff online but it seems like it'd be pretty silly for me to get one right now. plus I don't really want to move cause I like our apartment and where we are and living with these weridos and our cheap ass rent. I just really wish I had more jayne space. I'm trying to think of ways to maybe try lofting my not-made-for-lofting bed, but I wouldn't really trust my engineering skills enough to sleep on something I built that high off the ground. I don't even trust my bed where it is cause its from Ikea and I had to put it together.

ok. sleep.

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