half scale

half scale
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I've been working on my scupture stuff a lot lately and realizing I work in 2-D much better than I do in 3-D. My sketches (I've got some of those one of the other ideas on flickr too)for this look so much better than the model. I'm more of a print & paper kinda person I guess, but I'm still relatively happy with it. Although, I still have to paint it before I show the bookstore lady.

Looks like I'm gonna have to learn to weld aluminum to put this thing together. But I think I can handle it alright. Especially because I don't have to be particularly anal about the hanging shapes since they're more abstract than representational. and the hoops will probably just be bent aluminum tubing or rods or whatever.

We're not suppose to use words and stuff but I think it would be neat to incorporate typography somehow. Maybe on the hanging shapes, but not so they spelled out words, just so that you could tell they were letter forms. Like really simple at the bottom, and like an explosion of letter forms on the top. Gotta run it by the prof but it'd be a nice little bridge to my VCD class. We finally got the next assignment (I'm tired of drawing logos). We're making posters and dealing only with type. I'm pretty excited for it. aight. time to start painting the model...


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