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I don't really remember where the past few nights have gone. I guess I wasted a good deal of it waiting in line at Chipotle for free burrito & a drink day, a few nights ago. But I don't really know about the rest. For some reason between 5:30 and midnight always seems to speed by while I'm still sloshing around the apartment or eating dinner. Being productive in the 6 hourish time frame just doesn't seem to work... it's hard to concentrate on anything at home. I don't know how I ever got anything done when I was doing the 5pm-9pm thing. Oh I know. I spent most of last night dancing around like an idiot to that really really cheezy dancey Romanian O-zone song, Dragonestea Din Tei.

I also oogled the new mac stuff. the mac mini is cute and stuff, but doesn't really seem like it'd be worth it for me. If I'm gonna shell out the cash for a new computer, I want a pretty powerful one. And the iPod Shuffle seems a little odd. Not being able to see what your playing seems like it'd be annoying, but I guess most people I know listend to their iPods on shuffle anyways. I do like the song in the commercial though. and I guess 512 mb for $100 isn't too bad. my 256 usb drive was like $50 so that's about right. but then again, my 20 gig iPod was $200 (after rebate).

I've been semi-keeping up with my daily (kochalka-esqe) comic thing. I'm a few behind in drawing them out fully, but I've got rough ideas for all of them. I'm not really sure what I wanna do with them once I'm done (if I actually keep at it for a significant amount of time.) Maybe print up a little book or something. I think I'm just doing the comics to keep me sane. Cause trying to think of good ideas and stuff for VCD and sculpture hurt my head. Being abstract and subjective is hard. (I sort of like the fact that with my programming class I can do an assignment, run it to make sure it works, and then I'm pretty much done with it.) Drawing comics is nice and easy, pretty much brainless, and makes myself giggle even though they're not really very funny. But they're amusing to me. I think one of the main reasons I do "sketchbook diary" stuff is I don't have to think up stories or anything cause it's all based on stuff that's happened. But I wish I could find a writer (that I liked). I wanna do comics that aren't about me, but I suck at fiction.


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