top 20 of 2004

These are the songs I discovered then overdoesd on this year, down to one per artist, cause there are too many good songs on each of these albums. There are also lots of albums that were overall wonderful, but didn't have one super contageous song. It's kinda hard putting together a best of the year compilation cause I get confused about what was actually this year and last year cause the school year straddles both 03 and 04. So yeah, some of these are actually from the tail end of 03 as well..

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk: Best song to dance like an idiot to.
Let Go - Frou Frou: Playcount, 50 in one night.
Float On - Modest Mouse: This song makes me feel better when I'm sad.
Sundance Kid - Kent: The whole album kicks ass. but this one is fab.
Brand new colony - Postal Service, The: To be played at my wedding.
Somebody Told Me - The Killers: Head-bobbing-while-walking-on-campus-with-iPod good.
Electronic Renaissance - Belle & Sebastian: I heart B&S, but this song seems out of place on Tigermilk.
Liquid Bird - The Beta Band: fabulous. just. fabulous.
The Dark Of The Matinée - Franz Ferdinand: Hard to pick my fav. FF song... Maybe This Fire is better?
Barrel of a gun - Guster: Best use of bongos ever.
Sugar On My Tongue - Talking Heads: Made me re-love the talking heads.
How to fight loneliness - Wilco: Theme song to my summer.
Spitting Games - Snow Patrol: Fills my heart with happy.
Shadows of Ourselves - Thievery Corporation: Good chill music.
Afternoon Speaker - Sea and Cake, The: Instant happiness.
The Electric Version - New Pornographers, The: and/or Mass Romantic. Not sure.
Maintain - Steve Burns: So Flaming Lips like... But so good.
One Dimention - Simian: Video by Geoff McFetridge too.
Zak And Sara - Ben Folds: Yay for clappy beats.
Superstar - Tegan and Sara: The newest addition. But definately top 20 worthy.

If anyone wants this mix, just let me know. More than happy to spread the love.


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