cyber love

new blue scarf
i just signed on for 2 years of flickr pro. it's kinda expensive, at least I think so, but I really do love them so very much. and they just keep getting more and more awesome so I really wanna support them. This means I will also have to take lots of pictures so i dont feel like I'm wasting money...(like that time I got a gold membership for diaryland my last month there...) and maybe in the process I'll learn to take better pictures.

I also just bought myself a brown blogger-T because i really do love blogger that much. plus it was cheap...I mean $10.50 (and no tax or shipping!) for a fabulously soft and fitted Standard American (from American Apparel) T-shirt? How could I not? I'm still sad that they don't have anymore hoodies that would fit me though...

now i have mail to look forward to!


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