non-anal love

I love being able to make stuff without having to worry about being all anal. All quarter I had to watch my craft and measure things and make sure things were even and all that crap. It feels so good to just make stuff and just not worry about it. I miss the look of hand drawn lines and photocopies. I love living down the street from Kinkos and the art supply store. I made some.. stationary.. i guess i can call it that. I'm not totally sure what I'm planning on doing with all of it... but i suppose i should start writing my letters to people if i want them to get it before new years... I have a feeling my hermit period is going to make me very bloggy... oh well, i suppose there are worse things that could happen.

oh! and time for my semi-anual haiku: sharp stainless steel poke/ polish like rasberry sand/ a new brush in hand

afterwards, i got my hair cut even though i wasn't really planning on doin it today. i was sorta trying to grow it out, but i failed... It was driving me crazy. it just feels so much cleaner and better short. I think it looks better too, even if it does make me look more boyish.


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