Deck the Hall

The holiday potluck thing at work was so fabulous. So much good food. I pretty much just ate the whole time I was there. It also reminded me how much i love those little oranges. I always called them clementines back home, but here they seem to be satsumas? either way, the little oranges... i love little oranges, espeically without seeds... cause you know, i can't possibly be bothered with seeds when eating fruit... also a small feather*, one of the advertisers sent us a really nice email about how much he loved an ad i worked on. it wasn't particularly fabulous, but it makes me happy that he liked it anyways. dunno. just little things that make me happy.

Then the Deck the Hall Ball with Snow Patrol, Keane, The Shins, The Killers, Franz Ferdinanz, and Modest Mouse and a few thousand other people. It was so damn packed down on the floor, and the seats were pretty much filled to the top too, which makes sense since it was such a fabulous lineup. I'm not sure if it's cause it was in such a big place or if the audio was just fucky but a lot of the bands sounded really weird to me. Like, I saw The Shins at the Showbox earlier this year, and it was really awesome but last night they sounded really off. And Modest Mouse played my favorite song (of theirs) about two songs in and it sounded so weird that i didn't really wanna hear the rest, so we left after it. The Killers and Franz Ferdinanz were really good though. And by then we had moved more towards the back so there was more room to move around and dance and stuff.

We started off pretty close to the front but people were just being too obnoxious and making me all nervous like. Nervous cause we got packed in as people started shoving around between the sets. there wasn't even any music going and people were smashing into each other. I usually don't really mind being that close to people, espeically at concerts where 80% of the people there are really cute, so being pressed up against them doesn't particualrly bother me.. But it was a combination of the non-music mashing and the fact that we were surrounded by highschoolers. Not that I'm like "iew highschoolers" it's just that the whole time Snow Patrol was on the girls behind us were like "OH MY GAWD!!! HE'S SO CUTE!!!! LOOK AT HIM!! HE IS!!!! WE SHOULD SCREAM!!! I'LL SCREAM WITH YOU!!! COMEON!!! *SHRIEK* HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" every couple minutes or so, while trying to work their way infront of us. Being a little futher back was nice cause group seemed older (judging by the height of the guys, which is the only way i can really tell, aside from the fact that they're not being totally obnoxious.) and there was room to breathe and all.

I think I'm all concerted out for a while though. Maybe I'm just getting too old (at my ripe age of 19) for it, but standing around for 6 straight hours and singing my lungs out is exhausting.

*in highschool, after reading catch-22, I use to organize my highs and lows of the day into feathers and black-eyes. I miss doing that.


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