dizzy up the girl

I actually really don't like the goo goo dolls, but the title seemed appropriate.

I spent most of my friday night lying as still as possible cause I was dizzy for like hours. I was even too dizzy to blog, which was what upset me the most.... If I drank and knew what it was like to be drunk I would imaging that's what it would feel like. Everything was just all shifing to the left when I walked and it kinda felt like I was missing some frames so things looked a little stop motion-y. I'm not sure what made me so dizzy, but riley and peter think me being sick screwed up my inner ear balance thing. I think it might have also been due to the fact that I was dancing to Daft Punk, laying on my back, legs up and kicking at the air, cause thats when I started feeling shitty. Apparently my body doesn't like upside down dancing.

T-day was good. Riley, my bro, his new girlfriend, and I went out to Salty's on Alki for their big T-day buffet which turned me into a big ball of happy. It was really really yummy, and made me realize how much I like ham. It makes me want to go down to the honey baked ham place and pic some up. It was cool meeting Jay's new belle, who's very cute, and it made me so very happy to see them together.

Afterwards, Riley and I watched Frida. Full of art, pretty visuals, radicals, and girl on girl action. Good stuff.


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