freezer pops

so... i've learned that these grape flavored medicatied anti-cough freezer pops are no good. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that they're for kids so I'm suppose to have like 4 of them to get the right dosage. And since it's medicated it tastes like medicine (who would have thought) so having to eat it in bites kinda slows the process and drags out the nasty. and I actually really dont like grape flavored anything (except for actual grapes, which i love.). So i dunno i guess it'd be good for those kids who like that crappy grape medicine. So I guess from now on I should just stick to the big kid medicing that doesn't come in convenient popsicle form. But yeah, feeling pretty miserable right now, especially with the monthly on top of it all. I wish my daddy was home so he could give me prescription meds, although i probably just need cough medicine...

At least I'm wearing my wonderful stripe sweater that makes me dancey so thats good.

also, I've decided that this quarter for the first time in a while I actually feel like I'm being pushed in my art classe, like in a good way. It's like just enough frustration to keep me interested but not so hard that I give up. I guess its just that feeling of improvement that I'm getting now. For a while it seemed like I plateaued or something where I wasn't getting any better at anything... but now i feel like i'm actually learning things that are really useful, even for for non-design stuff. And I've grown fond of my design prof and really like talking to her in office hours. She like eases my worries while pushing me on at the same time.. or something like that. I mean she's not one of those annoying profs that are totally easy on everyone even when they suck (like my middle school art teacher), but she's not really evil either. So it's a pleasant middle ground. And even if i dont make it, i dont think the class has been a waste of my time at all so that's a plus. Although it has made me want to get in even more, and setting me up for an even harder heartbreak, but whatever.

feeing physically miserable but pretty peachy otherwise. (emotionally its more unstable... but thats just the monthly.)


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