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So, I saw the The Dresden Dolls on Friday which was pretty cool. "coin-operated boy" is a great song: "coin operated boy/ sitting on the shelf he is just a toy/ but i turn him on and he comes to life
automatic joy/ that is why i want a coin operated boy/ made of plastic and elastic / he is rugged and long-lasting/ who could ever ever ask for more/ love without complications galore/ many shapes and weights to choose from/ i will never leave my bedroom..."

Spent most of Saturday with the family which was nice. They just got back from Thailand and they're going to Vegas tomorrow. Being retired sounds like fun.

I'm sort of in this weird daze right now. I've spent so much of my weekend feeling good about being quasi productive and stuff, although mostly not for school stuff. I've been doin fun stuff, but I just feel kinda burnt out or something. I sure as hell don't have any idea what to do for my next (and final and most important) project. I feel a little drained of ideas now and really just wanting this quarter to be over soon so I can go home. maybe im just sleepy.


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