I've done SO LITTLE school related work (or even work-work) this past week that it amazes me. I don't even know where all my time has been going to lately.

Well, some of it is accounted for. Like, this weekend we hung out at Trabant for this show and I drank way too much chai. One of the guys I use to work with at MJM is working at Trabant now, which is cool cause I always liked that guy. plus, he gave me two drinks instead of one. The show was pretty good, but I was more amazed by how many pretty people were there. I dunno, maybe it's just cause I don't really go out to big social things very often, but there were just a LOT of people that made go "Mmmm...yum..."

Peter's trying to get me to perform my Latte song at Trabant's monday open mic night. I would actually kind of like to do it, just because performing scares me shitless and it'd be good for me. I'm not sure Im really up for it yet though. But we came home and played some guitar and he made a second guitar part for the Latte song and it sounds silly, but in a good way cause it's a pretty silly song to start.

I also went shopping, because apparently I'm really obsessed with clothes now? Not really, but it feels like that's where all my money is going lately. but yeah, picked up a sweater and pants that makes me feel oh so fuzzy inside.

But the rest of the week's free time is unaccounted for. Getting 2 weeks for the photo project instead of one just makes me drag it out longer and do less at a time for it. I think it's cause I'm not really into photography? I mean, it's cool and kinda fun but when it comes to making stuff, I never really want to make it with photography.

Been working on the illustrations for Seattle Weekly though, which makes me happy. Hopefully she'll actually use them. She says she's gonna get me more info about the cover soon. I'm not sure if that means I'll get to do a cover illustration? It'd kick so much ass if I did. I mean, it would like make my...year... to see my stuff in the front of the SW boxes all over the city for a week. And even if it was just an inside illustration, it'd still rock my socks.

Also did a logo for this logo design contest. Prolly won't win, but I've learned that contests are never a bad thing.

And the novel?

current word count: 1842
where I should be: 10200

I have a feeling I'm not going to make it. especially when I waste precious typing energy on blogging! damn! this entry was too long.


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