either they gave me a raise without telling me or they made a mistake. I hope it was the former. but either way, it's good for me! yay for paycheck + rebate checks! makes me feel much better about my trip to urban outfitters yesterday... (picked up a new deth p. sun t-shirt and a magenta scarf. they're both very nice, although overpriced.)

i think I said I was bored of work before, but I think I'm actually enjoying it even more lately. Mainly because it gives me time to do my readings for class. but also just cause it's just gotten really easy lately.

my bro called yesterday and told me to email him some of my stuff. he said his boss is considering using me as an illustrator for one of the sections in the gift guide issue or something. I don't know how she can consider me when she hasn't seen any of my stuff, but whatever. I sent him some stuff today, but I don't really think I'm what she's looking for. It would be cool to have an illustration in Seattle Weekly though, even if I almost always pick up the Stranger instead of SW. But yeah, that would just be really cool. even if it was just something little.


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