this vcd project is driving me crazy. no matter what i do it looks stupid. i'm begining to think that maybe i don't care about it enough, which is weird because i seem to worry about it enough. I feel like i should work on this stuff more. but I don't really want to. part of the thing is probably the fact that as of now all we're doing is compositions of like black and white shapes and lines and stuff, and I get so bored of it so fast.

I think I might be getting bored of work already too, which is sad cause it's only been a few weeks and it's not like it's a bad job. maybe it's just lately. the people are fun and cool. but i dont really connect.

even the tv can't hold my attention for very long. I get bored of it and end up just pouncing one of my roomates.

i was looking through my big illustration book and thinking i should be drawing. i know im not really a designer. when people ask me what i want to do, i don't say "i'd like to arrange text! resize images! create fonts! promote empty consumerism with wasteful pretty packaging!" I mean, those are all kinda interesting and useful and I wouldn't really mind it. but more than anything I just want to be an amazing illustrator but I know I'm no where near it yet.

in other news, my body is so sore from judo and it really hurts so good.

ive had a really long day. all i want to do is sleep, but i have to work on these damn shapes. *grumble*


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