"These art school kids are no better than the other teenagers/twenty-somethings that are so obsessed with appearances. In fact these kids are worse... they try so hard to look different... but they all end up looking like art school kids... " - Tpicasso

Sometimes I wish I was one of those uber stylish hipsters with a unique sense of fashion. Pierced, tattooed, and colored hair. Crazy outifts. makeup. all that stuff.

But then I remember that being stylish takes work (and money) and I'm more comforatble in just jeans and a hoodie anyways.

I love my new American Apparel* hoodie. so grey and boring. it's so perfect.

I wore my old RHCP hoodie the other day and this girl next to me started freaking out. She's like "OMG!!!!! Where did you get that?!?!" Apparently shes a big RHCP fan. I just thought It was pretty funny cause I've had it for so long and no one ever seemed to notice what it was until now, when I hardly even wear it anymore.

*One of my few brand-loyalties is American Apparel. Their stuff is just so soft and comfy and fits so well. plus bonus points for being sweatshop free. Even if it costs a bit more, it's kinda nice to know the extra money I spend on it goes towards covering the costs of fair wage and good working conditions. Not just the Big Bad Company ripping off the workers in other countries, like most of my other clothes.


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