friday- the day after ladies day*-rant

I should be at the badly drawn boy show right now. But its just too mucky out to schlep down to the showbox by myself. But at least I saved like $20. I need to find me some concert buddies. Unfortunately most of the people who like the same kind of music I do are by default too cool for me. I know that doesnt make any sense. But thats how it works out in my head cause I'm weird like that. How I long to meet a cool and nice indie rock hipster that doesn't intimidate me. hmm.

I just registered for this thru the experimental college:

"Conversation Skills Your Mother Never Taught You: People are never boring, but conversations often are. This class provides short, fun exercises that teach what to say and ask in conversations with parents, friends, children, dates, co-workers, classmates and strangers at parties. The pace is lively. Topics covered include openers, good listening, finding a topic of mutual interest, simple ways to deal with conversational fears, barriers and intimacy pacing."

I figure it can't hurt. Plus it'll at least give me something to do next weekend.

I've been thinking about the Communication major, specificly the social interaction area of study lately. Maybe because I spend a good deal of my time in the Communication building now that I'm at the Daily. But I started thinking about it before I started working too. The weird thing is I'm not all that good at communication or social interaction really. But I'm really interested in it. Maybe it's because I'm no good at it. Maybe it's cause im a Gemini. Is it strange to want to major in something im terrible at? Actually I've never even taken a class in communication so I dont know if I'd wanna major in it. But I think it'd be interesting.

Of course, what do I know? I've changed my mind so many times in the past year. I mean, i'm obviously still into the idea of VCD, but realisticly I'm starting to think I should have another plan since theres a good chance of not getting in and all. of course Comm is also competetive..but whatever... I'll have to try and take a comm class next quarter and see how that goes.

The Beta Band's "Liquid Bird" makes me very happy for some reason.

*"the-hers-day. for the ladies" been thinking of eddie recently.


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