i am terribly addicted to flickr. it's ridiculous. but i mean, how could i not be? what could be better than reading about people's lives? seeing pictures of it. very little mental work. i can even slideshow things so they flip automatically. it doesn't matter that i don't actually know most of the people on there. pictures are like little chunks of people's life. i don't know why i'm so curious about other people. and i end up clicking all over the place ending up on someone's blog then on a link and yeah, this is how im spending my last days of my summer vacation. pathetic huh? I suppose i actually have another couple of weeks till summer's officially over for me. but for some reason it feels like being at home is my only real break time. maybe because i dont spend any money here. little worried about moving into the apartment. don't really know why. it should be fine.


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