horray! i sucessfully recruited 5+ people to flikr, which is cool in itself, but it also means i get a cool free pro account for a couple months! so yeah, im going to be taking lots and lots and lots of pictures!!! pictures are fun!

ive been super super happy all day today!!!!! look at all these exclimation marks!!!! damn!!!!!

i think it was the avacado. or some of the fruit. i dunno i haven't had any fresh fruit for a few days. been feeling kinda sluggish. but my parents brought some home today and half an avacado, some peaches, some mango, and a few grapes later i'm seriously bouncing off the walls here. this house isn't as big as our last one so running around in it is a lot more difficult. but it can be done.

im also happy cause my mommy cut my hair again. my head feels all nice. i get fussy when my hair feels awkwardly long on parts of my head. i love short hair! so wonderfully managable.


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