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so i finally got around to seeing garden state tonight. definately the best movie ive seen this summer, although the only thing sive really seen this summer were dodgeball and napolean dynomite, both of which i didn't really like at all. oh, i watched millenium actress with my bro this summer too, which was very good. and i saw a pirated copy of Hero a couple days before it came out, which i thought was okay. it was very pretty, but i wasnt too into it story wise for some reason...

so i guess my top summer movies were garden state and millenium actress. im not sure which i liked better. like, garden state was good but i think the fact that it had good music is what made me really like it. although millenium actress did have cool music too. i suppose they're two very different movies so i shouldnt really compare them...

but yeah, GS seemed a little awkward at some points but gets bonus points for the good soundtrack. im really glad the shins are gonna get lotsa publicity from it. i kinda wish they used the postal service version of 'such great heights' but i guess it wouldnt have really fit the mood or something.

and apparently music really does effect me cause the second that frou frou song came on it tugged at my hearstrings and made me cry. it wasnt really what was going on on screen...i dont know what it is about that song. theres something in that really breathy voice and the build up and everything that like.. makes me all emotional in a good weird way. there are other songs that do that to me too. i dont know why. is it weird that music actually makes me cry sometimes? i want the soundtrack, but i already have half the songs on it so it seems kinda silly. definately getting frou frou once im off my cd fast though.


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