cheap furnishings

we went down to ikea yesterday which was much nicer than it was last weekend cause there werent a million and a half people there. picked up my bed, 3-drawer cabnet thing, a computer chair, a lamp, and a mousepad. all for less than the price of just a bed, which would have taken 5 weeks to get, from the other places we looked at before.

also got my super super comfy mattress from this place that like resells floor models or something. i feel like i should care that im not getting a brand new mattress... but i dont. an ikea mattress would have cost just as much and would have been 10x less comfortable.

and gonna be using my bro's old drawing table as a desk. and now im all set for apartmenty goodness.

its kinda werid how im so thrifty when it's not even my money. i kept having to stop my parents from buying me nicer stuff. mainly because i think that money could be better spent buying me other stuff. like a new pen tablet, which i think i'll be getting soon. it would keep me entertained for hours and hours and hours...

i also think its kinda funny that my parents thought goodwill was overpriced cause they picked up half of their decorations and stuff from garage sales all summer.

we're so cheap.


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