not that anyone really cares but...

haloscan is a nice little comment system, which apparently also has this trackback thing. i have no idea how to really use trackbacking. ive read the faq and all that about it, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. or i guess i dont really understand why you'd need it. or what it does. or how to get rid of it...

anyways, haloscan is nice cause it allows comments from anyone.

as oppose to only people who are signed up with a particular service (ie blogger, xanga, etc..). I was using it on my everyday-art site (which i abandoned about 28 days later..) and meant to move it over here. not that it really matters if people comment or not, but i just think it's nice to be able to.

so yeah, feel free. or continue to read in anonymity. whatever.


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