i watched Serendipity again just cause it was on tv tonight. and i love john cusack. he's currently on my lets make babies list (which is far from complete). dunno why, he's just cool. anyways it's not really amazing but its good in a "oh lets forget about any shred of reality and pretend romantic comedies reflect the way our lives actually are" kind of way.

but its just kinda funny that i happened to come across such a fate-centric movie, especially since i don't turn on the tv very often, cause it's been a sort of fate themed week. starting off with peter's mini anti-fate rant a week ago.

so naturally i feel like i have to do a little fate rant of my own, kinda in response to peter's cause i feel like it..

if you're bored, my fate rant is here . im trying to keep the main blog from getting overloaded by dividing things up a bit.


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