poster contest

"Provided you can replace the female figure with a non-gender one, we would like to use your design for an ad in the student newspaper. If you can have the revised design back to us within a week, we would like to award you a SECOND PLACE prize of $50."

so, that's pretty cool. like that flipbook contest, they weren't originally going to have a second place prize but they're willing to shell out more cash (1st is $100) cause they still wanna use my design. i think that's rather nice of them.

i actually knew the gender thing was probably going to be an issue when i submitted it, but i liked it as a girl, so i submitted it anyways. but now i have to make it like androgenous. or at least more ambiguous, which is a lot harder than it should be. i mean, im all about the girly boys and boyish girls so it shouldn't be a problem for me. plus it's really just like an outline of a figure so it's not like i have to worry about facial stuff. but it's a sorta 3/4 view.

so there's the whole breast issue. stupid boobs. i mean, sure there are girls who are flat or guys who have man boobs. but it's hard to find a real happy middle ground. especially when flat girls are usually super skinny and boob men are a lot bigger. it also would have been fine if i could have had the figure in something baggy. but i need the upper arm exposed. the whole quasi-boob thing makes everything look awkward. erg. i'll just do what i can...


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