I think i like this one class in the morning monday (and wednesday) thing. Even if it starts ridiculously early (830 is too early for me.) between class and work i've got a good solid block of time to come home to eat (yay!) and make bad music. it's a good way to spend the day.

I spent much of my weekend reading a book for class that I don't actually have to read for another couple of weeks, just cause it's interesting and i'm a dork. Of course it's not like it's an organic chemistry textbook or anything. it's "Everything you know about love and sex is wrong" which was also written by my teacher. It's really funny.

peter and i were walking home last night and i found these pink polka dotted victoria's secret stuffed dogs. I picked em up and brought them home just cause i tend to do that with things i find on the ground. Then this morning i remembered seeing a victorias secret ad at work saying "find this dog." so i looked at em again this morning and inside the tag is all like "you found me!" apparently i get a prize or something if i take them to the store. probably nothing amazing, but still cool (in that clever and evil marketing scheme kind of way) as long as they dont take the dogs away from me, cause i think they're really silly and want to keep them...


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