working girl

The new job is so much better than my last two. Maybe it's because we're working on the orientation issue so it's not so rushed but it seems pretty easy so far. of course ive only been there like 2 days. but most of the time the ads have been made by the advertisers and i just have to like save and print them. although sometimes I actually do stuff too obviously. But it's not exactly grueling work. The only thing that's kind of annoying is the fact that for some reason the programs like to quit when i try to save things. I'd get a lot more done if i didn't have to re do everything 5 times. It's weird though, cause we've got like G5s, which are suppose to be amazing and everything, right? but from what I can tell they're not. maybe cause there's just so much stuff on it or something. i dunno. anyways. its nice.


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