my rice is sadly sub-par tonight. I think its too dry. and i made 3x more than i needed. can you already tell this is going to be a pointless rant? im just in the mood to type.

The Beta Band's "Heroes to Zeroes" is a REALLY REALLY beautiful album. It's my new love. I listen to it going to work and coming home. and when im at home. It just fills me with gooey inner peace. or something like that.

I still really like my job, even though sometimes we end up staying later than we should to get things done. I did really like the predictability of calling hours at The Old Job. But it's alright with me cause im paid hourly anyways... (hmm. Im so excited to get a paycheck again...) Plus I really like that i don't deal with surly customers or come home smelling like food or with physical fatigue or anything. Of course i still haven't actually experienced the rigor of the daily aspect. Lets just hope I can keep at it for like more than a couple of months. I know with my attention span that's asking a lot, but i'll try. Hopefully the next time i get a job it'll be like a "real" one or something.

the "dawg daze" thing started this week. basicly activities and stuff for freshmen and to kick off the school year or something. They had a bunch of stuff (free games, bands, movies, etc) going on but I didn't really stay for much of it. The only band i had any interest in seeing was United State of Electronica. Haven't heard any of there stuff, but ive heard a bit about them. But work ran late and I missed em, although i could hear a bit from where we were. (our building is pretty close to the HUB). I caught a bit of Something Corporate but got kinda bored and left. I dont know why. I don't particularly dislike them or anything. Just wasn't really into it. I also felt a bit out of place since the majority of the people there were new students. Not that im all that much older than them. It just didn't feel quite like it did last year. We were going to see Super Size Me tonight, but apparently I couldn't find the free passes for it. and there were way too many people waiting for the free pool and bowling. Ah well.

what can I make with all my rice? hmm. maybe i'll try to make some rice pudding. never done it before... but it can't be that hard right? there are like a ton of recipes for it online.

only 1 more day of summer left...


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