watching. just watching.

My head is going to explode. I feel like i've just been watching so much stuff this past week. First couple of days it was the Paranoia Agent series. Then Perfect Blue, Ghost in the Shell, Freaks, Ghost in the Shell 2, and then Sonic Acts and Moog tonight. (It looks like I'm on an anime kick or something. I'm really not.) And probably some other stuff in between. I dont remember. Granted they were all quality movies, and I really enjoyed them. But it hurts my brain, especially on top of all the TV which I don't usually watch much of to start. I just feel like i already really need to start doing more stuff again.

The movies tonight made me antsy as I watched just cause all I wanted to do was go home and make weird electronic music after just the first couple of minutes. I have a strange affinity for documentaries about amazing ordinary people. I have no real interest in super heroes. or wizzards. or space warriors. or actors in general i guess. I dont know.. most of the movies I watch leave me either emotionally unstable or apathetic afterwards, and i usually end up regretting wasting my life on them. Stories about real people make me want to do things.

I also have a strange affinity for strangers, even though they usually make my shy factor kick in x10. I like the variety and novelty of new personalities i guess.

Of course it's late and im tired and my tummy hurts so i dont know what the hell im talking about either.


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