active pt. 2

Ah yes, now I remember why I quit Judo the first 2 times I tried it. The Warm Up. Seriously. Warm up exercises are always way more exhausting than the rest of the stuff, especially since I havent actually done ANYTHING active in a REALLY long time.. But I think I should be able to handle it. the class is only 12 weeks long. So I'm only dealing with short term commitment here, although there's a Judo club that I could join afterwards too if I felt like being un-jayne and actually sticking to it. I don't know about that yet, but it is kinda fun so far. I'm suprised I actually remember quite a bit from when I took it long ago, but only vuagely.

I'm the only girl in the class other than the instructor, which I think is kinda cool. Rumbling with boys makes me feel kinda rough and tough or something, even though I'm not at all. Also a little scary though cause most of them are actually pretty fit already so they'll probably kick my ass, but whatever.

I like that the instructor doesn't scare me though. She seems nice and not drill sargent like. drill-sargent-types are one of the main reasons why I avoid most sports. It's also nice that they will issue me a uniform so i dont have to buy one.

and hopefully 2 days a week of this stuff will help funnel out my "pent-up-hulk-smash-like-goat-fury". so maybe I won't have to take it out on poor peter and riley as often, but im not promising anything.

also, I dont know what to get with my gift certificate. Ive decided books are way too expensive. With $50 I can't really get much of anything, especially the kind of books that I want, which are mostly filled with pretty pictures. I'll probably end up getting the Big Book of Illustrations (or whatever it was called), which is pretty much a big ass book filled with art by lots of different illustrators. And hopefully it'll inspire me and give me new styles to learn from and stuff. And it'd be a good sort of resource type thing I guess. Plus, at $45 (before tax) it's a kind of book that I'd never spend my own money on.


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