dont forget

just making a note to myself here so i don't forget about this cause it sounds fun. and it's walking distance from here. i just missed the last one...

November 13
After Hours Tango, Midnight-4AM
Tango Saturday night away at a FREE, ALL AGES, AFTER HOURS tango event! Dancing goes midnight - 4 AM. Argentine Tango is an earthy, improvised dance born in the barrios of Buenos Aires. It is to dance what jazz is to music: expressive and spontaneous. There will be a free beginner's tango lesson at midnight (no experience necessary). Music will be a blend of traditional and contemporary tango, much of which is influenced by trance/hiphop rhythms, as well as an ecclectic mix of "non-tango" for dancing.

why is it so hard to find an 18+ dance club here? i mean, im sure there are some.. but i dont know of any. i can get into sex clubs, buy guns and see strippers but i can't find a place to dance.


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