does location really matter that much?

sometimes i fancy the idea that a change of location will always change everything for the better. i guess for the most part its true. but i kinda wonder how much good it would really do anyways.

ive been toying with the idea of transfering to a different school. but not very seriously. i like it here in seattle way too much to leave yet. I think i have to at least be 21 before i'll let myself leave. I want to take advantage of all the 21+ venues here.

plus i dont really know where i'd actually want/could afford to go. its especially tough since by the time i'd want to transfer i'd be eligible for in-state tuition. im thinking about a post-bac thing at MCAD for illustration. I know it's a long way away from now, but i've just kinda been thinking about it lately.

but i also know no matter where i am i'll only get better if i take the initiative to do things on my own. cause school's not going to do it for me, no matter how good/expensive it is.

i need to start doing/making more personal stuff again. not like secret stuff or anything, but just like stuff for me. i'd like to start painting. i was never really a very good painter (despite what the blog title might suggest). there's not much room in my room here... but maybe i can set up something small out in the main room or something.

im obviously just typing to avoid doing my readings. i'm so dull. all i've got to talk about is school. eh. im just sorta typing my thinking right now. whatever.


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