people high

my conversation skills workshop was really really fun. I get such a buzz (probably not the right word for it but good enough) when something clicks and conversations just flow. Especially with people I've never met before. People are so interesting. I might not be like a natural public relations kinda people person, but i really am facinated by people. maybe cause when if i get really interested in other people it takes my mind off me and everything else. bit of an escape. It's also kinda nice though cause since it was in a workshop type setting it made it a lot easier. But it was nice that most of the time i talked to people I was left wanting to know more about them by the end, which is always good.

i dunno, it was just a really nice class and I had lots of good laughs. I might sign up for the other classes she offers just cause they're a fun and different diversion. I mean, i think i'd much rather spend my saturday with a group of people that want to grow instead of just going shopping or something, which is what my weekends are usually for.

I'm going to make an honest effort to improve myself. I mean, i know i learned most of my socialization skills from my parents and friends, so i don't think it's really just a set part of me. i mean, maybe some of it has been kinda rooted into me but for the most part i think there's lots of room for improvement.

i also think im going to try to not wear my headphones when i go out any more. cause when i see people with headphones i pretty much assume they don't want to be bothered. i mean, most of the time that i have headphones on is when i want to build a little bubble around me to shut everything else out. listening to music on headphones also makes it harder for me to really think because i just have the music in my head. i mean, sometimes it's good when i dont want to hear myself any more but for the most part i think i need that quiet walking time to like reflect on stuff. plus it'd make me more approachable and willing to approach others.

i also had an all around nice night last night. so i'm in a nice mood today. yay!

i would also like to meet our neighbors. I've seen some of them a few times, but i dont really know them. id like to at least know their names or something.


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