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November is also National Novel Writing Month. And when I'll have to write my big paper for art history. and work on my main final project for design. and I may be getting some other work from Seattle Weekly. My life is already packed now. Next month is going to twice and full. Sure, it would probably help if I wasn't going to write a crappy novel at the same time, but whatever. Erg. I really like being busy but I feel like my life is getting packed down too much lately. In an attempt to be more productive I'm trying to avoid the tv as much as possible. The computer is probably a bigger distraction but it's hard to avoid since I have to use it for my classes and for work...

too tired. too much to do tomorrow... and the next couple of weeks.

little stressed.

I feel like I should drop Judo cause it'd free up more time in my week, but I think it'd be good for me to keep it up... it's a nice break from school, work, and home.... I've already made it through half the class. can I make it through the rest?


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