we watched fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. they were showing it in the hub for $3. Pretty much what I expected from it. Pretty interesting... although it mainly made me realize just how soon the election is... i mean, it's like next week...

I think I'm actually a little scared of Nov. 2nd. Being in Seattle it's hard to believe that the election would be a very close race at all. I forget about the fact that there are people (like a few of my friends) who are steady republicans. I also think there will be mass riots if he gets re-elected. I know there's already a national group of people forming to protest on Nov. 3. I also feel like something big should happen between now and then... I dont know what it would be.. but it troubles me.

a week from now... and everything could change.

there better be tons of kids voting this time around. I don't know how anyone could just sit back and not do anything. especially people my age.

alright. that's enough politics for me.


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