will draw for cookies

Also, I might be getting some more illustration work! doing kids books and finally learning to use Flash! Thats like.. two whole life goals* right there!

I met with the very ambitious couple who posted the ad today. They seem very into their projects... I'm not totally sure about how it's going to work out and stuff yet. But there's a high potential of goodness in this. I can feel it. Unless these people are more dreamers than do-ers. But supposedly the wife is in marketing and the husband has a long history of business, printing, and computer science. so I think i have some faith in their abilities...

I feel ambitious lately. Doing all this stuff for my own personal amusement makes me feel so fuzzy inside. sort of a personal fulfillment or something in place of that weird void that was lurking around for a while... I dunno. But I feel really good.

(* I think learning flash is a very valid life goal, and it would make up for my sucking at the novel-writing life goal, which I think I've abandoned. There are too many other things going on this month.)


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