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I don't have my sex section today. but still got a class in a bit... so... blogging time!

I woke up all early today for Registration Day so I could get into the figure drawing class, but apparently I have to be declared as an art major first. Which I suppose makes sense, and I feel kinda dumb for not realizing it. I can always take it later on though, so it's alright. ( I think they've finally got everything sorted out at the SOA cause last year they were in the process of changing things and things were different and confusing. But now it all seems to make sense. )

But I couldn't NOT have an art class. I mean, I might be getting into the next design class but that's not for sure. I want to have another studio class anyways. So I signed up for

"Intermediate Sculpture Composition -- Public Art: Winter '05 Projects: Students will receive commissions and real budgets to create sculptural works on University Ave lightposts."

I've never taken any scupture classes here, so it's a bit upperlevel for me. But after seeing all the cool stuff at the CMA (ceramics & metal arts) facility this summer I really want to try my hand at some large scale art. Cause I mean, what could be cooler than welding and carpentry? I had the same teacher for my public art class this summer and so he let me into it even though I'm not a sculpture major.

Also registered for Computer Programing 1, Intro to Communications 1, and....DINOSAURS!

yes, dinosaurs. Its just a little 2 credit lecture class and I needed a few more credits. and i like dinosaurs.

I'm taking computer programing mainly cause I've never done any of it before. I mean, I could have taken more straight up math or science to fulfill the natural world requirement, but i did that stuff for years, and they've lost their appeal. Plus at least in computer programing we'll get to make stuff, and it gives me +50 dork points.

And Communications I'm planning on dropping.

Not cause I don't wanna take it, cause I really do. But if i get into the next vcd class i'll have to drop one of my classes and it would over lap comm. But if I didn't make it, I'd be fine too cause I also really like my schedule as it is now too espcially since as of now i have no 8:30s... so that's nice.

and this is definately way too long now.


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