There's sort of a creative energy radiating from this apartment lately. Well, maybe not radiating. Probably more of a lofting action really. But it's in the air... i can feel it. and hear it. lots of music making, mostly from peter. it's all very good and makes jayne very happy.

It just feels like I have too many things going on in my head right now though. sort of an idea overload or something, which is good... I mean i'd rather have an overload than a drought but still, just so many different projects to do right now. So much... thinking up ideas. for school projects, for the novel that i'm sucking at, for the seattle weekly stuff, for contest stuff, for music stuff. So much.

Now I just have to avoid the tv. I swear it's evil... I'm always set on doing things when I'm home but when i walk by and that 70s show, simpsons, family guy, futurama, or the daily show are on i find it terribly difficult to keep walking. must... stay away from it...

I'm also happy cause I've stopped being sore from judo. Like when i started i'd be sore the next day just cause i'm terribly out of shape and all. But now my day-afters don't bother me at all. although the ankle is still kinda messed up. eh. we get to do chokes tomorrow. whee!

ok. novel time. really.

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I think i should just start making it completely ridiculous. Even though I know it's destined to be crap I've been spending to much time trying to think of a storyline or point of some sort. but ya know what? I'm way behind. Screw coherence.


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