I picked up America (the book) today just cause i look at it everytime im at the bookstore cause it makes me chuckle. and it was on sale.

I've realized another reason to want to get into vcd. (yes, this is another long rant about vcd. I can't help it, thats just what's front center now...)

I really want to be part of the small (22 student) design family. I want to work with a group of people who are creative and competent. I want to be a part of that little community and have classes with the same people for the next two years and build relationships with them, which seems rather un-jayne like i suppose cause it'd be so much...sameness..

But I dunno I've been thinking about it (alot) and if i didn't make my way to that little family I don't think i'll ever really get any sense of a community here. I mean, i could like join clubs and groups and stuff but im not really all that interested in any of them. and the other majors I'd be into dont seem nearly as close knit. It would be nice to actually have peers to relate to.

I guess I like the fact that it doesn't seem like a really solitary art. Well, it can be. But it's got more collaboration potential than say like painting, which is really just you and a canvas. Cause even though I've said I don't like group work, that usually refered to crap ass history projects in highschool or something where no one does their work. I'd like to think it would be different at this level. I also like the fact that there's so much room for adaptation and changes. (unlike metals, which is all like measure twice cut once shit)

But what I really want right now is a sense of a creative community...like an art mafia. Like, even in ap art the last two years of highschool there was a little feeling of a circle. I mean, remember how there were the kids in the "band cult" and the "swing choir cult" and all that? I want to be part of something like that.

I probably should have just gone to a smaller school or something. That would have made it much easier on several levels (like not having to worry about 2 cuts). But I like being surrounded by a really diverse group of people. People who are into totally different things than me are cool cause they bring lots of different things to the table. But it'd be nice to also be surrounded by a smaller inner circle of peers who are into similar things.

I just think it might be easier to find people who might be interested in collaborating with me for projects and stuff.

At least I should get some collaboration type action next quarter with only 18 people in the public art class, so thats good.


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